Thursday, April 4, 2013

OCC Connect--Finding Your Joshua

God blessed us with a great trip down to Orlando for the Operation Christmas Child Connect Conference.  This place is amazing!  The service and surroundings here at the Hilton Orlando are extraordinary and seeing so many of our brothers and sisters from around the world is beyond words.  I can hardly wait for us to all worship together in another hour.

Dinner tonight was a buffet of international foods that were beyond compare.

We got here in time this afternoon for the last of the three pre-conference sessions and I chose to attend one entitled "Finding Your Joshua."

After giving us two minutes to list all the things we do for Operation Christmas Child in a typical week the presenter asked us, "Who would do those things if God called you home or moved you to another place?"

I thought of the myriad of strange tasks I do in a week--from sorting stuffed animals to writing blogs and fielding phone calls.  Truthfully, many of those things don't have anything to do with my job as an Area Coordinator and I probably need to gain more focus.

But even when I assess only the true tasks that fall into my job description, I'm not sure who would do those in my absence.

It was sobering to realize that Joshua was on the scene right from the crossing of the Red Sea and that Moses worked for many years to prepare him to assume leadership.

Who is my Joshua?  I don't know, but I realize I need to focus some serious prayer toward asking God to prepare that person who will take the baton from me when I finish my leg of this OCC race.

Is it you?

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