Monday, April 8, 2013

OCC 100 Millionth Shoe Box Celebration Video

When I watched this video I realized there wasn't really anything I could write that would explain as well this evening of celebrating 100 million shoe boxes.  So watch and enjoy....

Okay-- maybe there are a view details I'd like to add.  One is the enjoyment of watching Mary Damron tell the story of her involvement with Operation Christmas Child alongside Franklin Graham.  Franklin talked of a song Mary'd taught them to sing and Mary started singing boldly--

The God of the mountain
Is the God of the valley,
The God of the day
Is the God of the night.

I have been joining a crowd of OCC friends in praying for Mary over the past months as she's battled cancer.  We prayed fervently for God to allow her to be at this celebration and it was a blessing to see Him answer those prayers.  Mary was sick through the week but made it through by God's grace.  After Mary sang, Franklin led the crowd of 10,000 in praying for her.  Please join in continuing to pray that God will be glorified in Mary's life and bring her healing.

And in case you don't catch it, here's what I think is the best quote from Franklin Graham of the evening, "Every shoe box is an opportunity for Jesus Christ to wrap His arms around a child."

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