Sunday, April 14, 2013

Manna Musings

I love seeing how God provides for us in such a unique manner.  Like that creative manna He sent to nourish the Israelites while they wandered in the desert, God is always up to showing His provision in rare and wonderful ways.

This weekend I was praying for 300 stuffed animals for our Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party.   I know God can and will provide all we need by the end of September.  Still, we're behind where we were last year at this time, and as I read through blogs from 2012 I am reminded of how much prayer and hustling went into getting enough for last year's packing party.  We certainly need to be praying and searching.

I thought it was a longshot that we'd reach 300 this weekend.  I was only able to get to one church rummage sale (44 animals) and one thrift store (86 animals).  But a box arrived last week from a friend in Bradford, PA and today there were two bags left at the church.  Also at the church I found a box of adorable animals (some of them are pictured above) that was mailed from Cheryl Lawrence in Indiana.  I couldn't make contact with her via e-mail or Facebook, so if you're reading this, Cheryl, thank you for blessing me in a week I really needed it.

So the weekend animal count stands at 214 but I've heard of another bag dropped off at church after I left and I need to meet someone to get three more bags tomorrow night.  The manna is still falling--just on time.

Not only did God provide the manna in the wilderness but He made sure His people's clothing and shoes did not wear out.  I was just noticing the other day that my gray dress pants are looking a little old...but guess what I found at the church rummage sale on Saturday?

A like-new pair of GAP gray dress pants that fit perfectly.  At the 'bag sale' for 50 cents I got 4 new clothing items for shoeboxes, 3 sweatshirts for the kids at school to wear, and these pants.  Another great provision!

And though I haven't seen any manna on the front lawn this week I did receive some coupons from the newly-expanded food department at our Target store.  Using the coupons I spent less than $3.00 and got enough items to make four meals.

I love seeing more and more manna.

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