Saturday, April 6, 2013

Glory to God--Jim Harrelson at OCC Global Connect Conference

There is something very energizing about being in the presence of a true servant leader like Jim Harrelson.  One proof of the fact that Jim is such a humble leader is that even though he runs the ministry of Operation Christmas Child I can never remember his exact title.

My husband and I first met Jim at the Operation Christmas Child processing center in Boone in 2006.   He was working beside us on the line inspecting shoeboxes.  When my husband asked him what his job was, Jim told him, "Oh, I just work downstairs."  I'll bet he would have washed our feet if we'd been wearing sandals.

Jim shared with us from his heart this Saturday morning about all God has done in the first twenty years of OCC.

He started by reminding us, "It's so amazing that God Almighty would choose to work through His children and allow us to participate in this."    Everything we do culminates at the foot of the cross.

Jim said, "When all is said and done our relationship with Jesus is all we have left.  The time for sharing Him will be over.  We have this opportunity to mobilize the Body of Christ through the powerful High Impact model."

He read from Philippians 2:1-11 and commented, "This is the Jesus we serve--the gospel we serve--the model of selfless humility."

He spoke of this Global Connect Conference as a time of sweet, sweet, sweet fellowship and pointed us to John 4 where the Bible speaks of sowers and reapers rejoicing together.  He said being face to face and heart to heart will strengthen us and only heaven can replace this experience of being together and talked of the incredible teamwork required to bring the conference together and recognized the staff responsible for it all.

Jim reminded us that this ministry is our opportunity and privilege and turned us to the verse in Rev. 7:9 with a picture of all nations praising God together.
We want, however, immeasurably more--more volunteers--more children--more and more around the throne of the Lamb.

Every gift has a huge potential and the power of prayer is crucial as we face opposition from Satan who vehemently opposes us.  But we are victors.  Jesus has overcome sin and death.  We need to share fearlessly and with boldness.  The Lord is accomplishing His redemptive plan in His will.  Every act of service He will use.

OCC is strategically positioned for worldwide evangelization.  He recounts how when Franklin Graham was preaching recently in Bolivia people began running to the stage halfway through the sermon.  God is preparing hearts to receive Him.

The High Impact process allows us to recruit, select, train and develop volunteers.  God has His people everywhere and will lead you to the right people to serve.

We need to be prepared; we need to know our enemy; we need to pray and to put on the armor of God.   Prayer is our chief weapon and is vital as the battle will be intensifying.

Romans 1:16 reminds us the gospel is the power of God while I Peter 3 tells us that with God one day is as a thousand years.

Matthew 18 tells us that we need to become like children to enter the Kingdom of God but children have the benefit of already being childlike.  According to Matthew 28:20 and Acts 1:8 children can go and make disciples.

In Luke 10:2 Jesus tells us to pray for laborers for the harvest.  We need to concentrate prayer for this.

We are in a spiritual war.  We need to focus on unity and be spiritually prepared.

Jim closed with a benediction "May the Lord bless you and protect you..." and left us with the encouraging reminder that "His Kingdom is being added to every day."

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