Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meeting Night

I chose this picture because I could use some laughs tonight.  Some days are just like that.

This afternoon found me teaching my second-worst-ever puberty class to fifth grade boys.  Talk about laughing.  They could not control themselves.   You'd enjoy hearing some of the questions they asked, but they're not exactly blog appropriate.

Thankfully, after school I got to switch gears and put on my Operation Christmas Child hat to get ready for tonight's team meeting.   It was good to have nine of our team members there to discuss how we can inspire our area to greater involvement.

We went through the "Discovering the Heart of OCC" training program and shared some highlights from the Global Connect Conference.

We discussed potential new contacts in our community.  Well...okay...truthfully it wasn't as much of a discussion as I'd hoped...but we tried.   And we shared prayer requests.  I think we're better at praying than discussing.

I guess that's okay.

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