Sunday, April 21, 2013

Celebrating in Warren

Thank You, God, for so many answered prayers today.  We scheduled a first-time Operation Christmas Child Celebration Meeting in Warren County.  Our prayer team prayed diligently that God would bring the right people to this meeting but our church relations coordinator, Heather Rogers, and I weren't sure what to expect.  As we talked on the one and a half hour drive there, we said we'd be happy with 10 in attendance.

God blessed us beyond what we imagined as the room filled with 25 people to share praises to God for what He did in our area in 2012 and to look ahead toward what He has in store for us in 2013.

The meeting was held at Pleasant Community Church, our collection center there in Warren.  Our collection center coordinator, Patti Seth, had done her work and made phone calls to personally invite people to attend.  What a work for the Lord that was!

No one asked for an application to become a team member but we had two more persons sign up to receive e-mailed prayer requests and many seemed to enjoy discussing ways to promote the project in their churches.

So tonight we're celebrating this great celebration and looking forward to doing it again two weeks from today in Meadville.

And we're looking forward to seeing the fruit of this day in future celebrations.

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