Sunday, February 1, 2009


In November my husband and I left the only church I've ever really attended--the place where I've been since my days in the church nursery.  Now we're 'church hunting' and since I've never been much of a hunter, I'm finding this very, very difficult.  Someone ought to write a book called 'Church Hunting for Dummies'.  I'd be first in line to buy it.

We've been going off and on to a church called Grace Church.  Big place.  I sit there and think that all of these people around me must have stories but I don't know them.  Nor they, mine.  

They don't know that I'm struggling.  Should I go on the distribution trip to the Dominican Republic next week when the co-worker who would have to assume my job responsibilities in my absence has been off for five weeks because of an automobile accident AND just had her son die two days ago?  I'd love to ask someone to pray for me....but who?

At my old church there is a basement storage room full of supplies to pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We packed 7,327 boxes there last year.  Now that I'm looking for a new church....can I find one that will welcome that ministry and find storage space for me?  I keep using space at my old church.   Will they throw me out?  

God, please show me a place to connect.