Thursday, April 11, 2013

4788 Water Bottles on the Wall

When I got home from the Operation Christmas Child Global Connect Conference last Sunday there was a surprise waiting for me--fifteen cartons full of water bottles.

I've been praying, as always, for God to provide nice clothing or accessory items to put into each of the shoe boxes at our community-wide packing party in September.

A few weeks ago I contacted a vendor who sold me three pallets of visors two years ago and was blessed to find out he had more for sale.  They are good quality sturdy cloth visors and I was able to buy 9,072 from him (all he had).  The last shipment of them were delivered two days before I left for the conference.

Then a friend gave me a tip about the water bottles.  I received those 15 cartons and another 17 cartons are on their way for a total of 4, 788.

This means God's provided almost 14,000 major items in a period of a few weeks.  The total stands at 21,733--so close to the goal of 22,000.

Now on to praying for 20,000 stuffed animals and waiting for God to fill the ark.

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