Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Life of David Part 1 -- Ross Rhoads

At the recent Operation Christmas Child Connect Conference we were blessed to have Dr. Ross Rhoads bring us a 3-part series of messages on the life of David.  Dr. Rhoads is the former pastor of Calvary Church in Charlotte--one of the first churches to pack OCC shoe boxes in the United States.

Here are some notes on part 1 of this series--

David lived to be 70 years old and was a character who forecasted the coming of Christ.  

In 1 Samuel the people persisted in asking for a king and anytime believers want to be like the world they invite trouble.  Saul was anointed as the first king but God regretted that choice and in 1 Samuel 16 God plans the anointing of David and says, "I have chosen Me a king in Israel."

In David's years of preparation he learned humility.

Four seasons of David's life--

1)  The Solitude Years -- David had time to meditate as he watched the sheep and the Psalms show the heart of David.  We all need time to think and meditate.  Beware of the barrenness of a busy life.  "Let a holy imagination absorb you as you read the Word of God."

2)  David's Obstacles (obstacles help develop us)
--his father marginalized him (didn't even count him worth considering for king)
--his brothers hated him
--he doesn't really fit in the family
--he is alone
--Saul hated him
--he had years of struggle
"God doesn't lead straight ahead.  He leads zig-zag."

3)  David's Failure  (murder of Uriah)
--he didn't listen to counsel
--became complacent (he didn't go to war)
--his sin resulted in the death of his child
"Many times the things you do don't go away in the theater of the mind."
"When the devil reminds you of the past, remind him of his future."

4) David Experiences The Mercy of God
--After the murder of Uriah David didn't do anything for a year until Nathan confronted him
--David experienced God's forgiveness and then wrote, "Bless the Lord oh my soul."

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