Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hope In Narnia

It's March 30th and several more inches of snow fell here last night in Erie, PA. I'm starting to think we live in Narnia--that land written about by C.S. Lewis where it is "always winter and never Christmas".

I'm pretty sure we've had more than three snows on the crocuses and they haven't even had a chance to bloom yet as we approach April.

Will spring come?  Is there hope?

When we look outside it seems doubtful...but of course we know spring will come.  How do we know?   Because our faithful God brings it every year.

Yesterday I went to two large indoor community yard sales.  Two.  And I got not one stuffed animal.  Nada.

And no sales have materialized for any other items to purchase for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes either.

So, we wait.  And while we wait, several of our faithful workers are busy counting and stapling 39 cases of paper into small packets.  Hope.

If I were to follow the "Facing The Giants" metaphor I'd say we're "preparing for rain," but I'd rather say we're preparing for spring.

Hope--even in Narnia.

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  1. We're stuck in Narnia winter here too! I can't wait for yard sale season to really open up here!