Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Big Sky Dreaming

Tonight we had our monthly Operation Christmas Child area team meeting.  There were only seven of us, but that's a perfect biblical number.   I needed so much the encouragement that came from being with like-minded people who are as eager as I am to see God do new things in our area.

We did an activity called Big Sky Dreaming--a fancy term for brainstorming--where we threw out any ideas we could think of for getting 55,700 boxes packed from our area this year.

Here are some of our Big Sky Dreams--

-- a teddy bear throw at our local hockey team's games
--a complete team with all coordinators and sub-teams in place that includes younger team members and some men
--billboard advertising
--an Operation Christmas Child shoebox under every seat at the upcoming Rock the Lakes event in September
--inmates at our local prison making toys for shoe boxes
--all shipping for our boxes paid for by donors
--warehouse space
--a giant shoe box in Perry Square in the middle of our city
--a trip to an OCC Processing Center
--an OCC distribution trip

As the ideas flowed I felt buoyed by the possibilities.  Sure, some of them are WAY out in the big sky.  But as we dreamed together I was reminded of how BIG our God truly is.  Our biggest dreams are puny to Him.

We were all smiling by the time we were done, and we all agreed that we can't wait to see what God will do for us eight months from now when we're in National Collection Week.

Heather summed it up best when she said, "God always does it and He does it in a new and different way every year just to keep us trusting Him."

We're trusting God to fulfill dreams that are greater than we can even dream.

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