Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life of David--Part 2 -- Dr. Ross Rhoads

Dr. Ross Rhoads continues his talk on the life of David at the Operation Christmas Child Connect Conference--

David--shepherd; scholar; statesman; warrior; poet; financier; but...most of all..."servant of the Lord"

David was a 'servant leader' (a paradox) --  What is a leader?

--A leader is first a follower.  You can't lead anyone where you haven't been yourself.
--Leaders lead by example and are followed by people. Leadership can be inherited or obtained by achievement or by delegation but you have to lead to be a leader.
--Our Lord was a leader, yet humble.  He did everything to please the Father.
--A leader motivates, encourages, enables, and unites.

Three Areas of David's Leadership

1)  A servant leader is selfless--this comes from the heart.  In 2 Samuel when David wished for water from a well several of his men risked their life to bring it to him but David would not accept it and poured it out.  He wouldn't take advantage of his position.  A servant does what other people don't want to do.

2)  A servant leader anticipates--sees what is needed before the need is made known.  The Bible says "David inquired of the Lord"--God told him to wait and he waited.  Don't procrastinate but wait.

3)  A servant leader is consistent--the leader is the first one to go into battle.  Leaders lose direction without consistency.  You can't be faithful if you don't tell the truth.

"Make your election sure."  As oil was poured on David's head the scent of it must have stayed with him.  As volunteers for Operation Christmas Child remember when God poured that oil on your head.  He chose you and gifted you.

God said David was "a man after God's own heart" when he was just a youth and his life had not unfolded yet.  God sees our hearts.  Character determines the quality of our service.

I am a servant of the Most High God.  The best way to please God is to serve Him.

You are God's chosen.  Remember the holy oil and keep at it!

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