Monday, February 3, 2014

What's The Plan?

I just realized it's been too many days since I posted here.  Sometimes days run into one another and that's how it's been lately.  My Operation Christmas Child journey creeps on but I don't always think about it much.

We had one day off from school this past week and one late start because of sub-zero wind chill temperatures.  So I've had time to think about OCC but in many ways I feel like I'm running into the wind--the way I felt when I ran last Monday.  I was running forward with all my strength but it felt like the strong wind was pushing me backwards.

The weather has kept me from getting into my outdoor storage container to inventory, organize, and store anything.  I need the boxes that are in there in order to stash the items I've been purchasing.  Not that I've found much to purchase yet.

There were the cute hats at Children's Place and the pencils we found at K-Mart (packs of 10 pencils for .25 each) and the 77 stuffed animals I got at the thrift store last Saturday when the weather broke and the temps climbed into the 20s.

But overall--my 2014 shoe box stash is pathetic.

Our church is involved in a Bible-reading series called E-100 and we are reading and studying together the essential 100 stories of the Bible over 20 weeks.

I've been blessed over the past two weeks as I've read again about Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.  God had a plan for each of them.  Sometimes, as in the case of Noah's ark, the plans were very specific.  Sometimes, as in the case of Abraham, God kept His people waiting for years and wondering when His plan would unfold.

No matter what, though--God had (and still has) a plan.

And I know He has a plan for these 2014 Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes here in Northwestern PA.

And just what IS that plan?  

I don't know...but I know the ONE who does and next year at this time I'll tell you all about it.

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  1. Kathy, I am so glad to have found your blog! I have been searching for a blog that supports OCC. I would like to learn some more savvy and frugal ways to shop for the shoe boxes. I am starting out small. My goal this year is at least 12 boxes. Last year, I did 7. I didn't really know a lot about how to shop for them. I bought a few $6 and $7 items, then I wised up and started shopping the dollar stores. My boxes were filled to the brim. This year, I am trying to do it more frugally so I can make more boxes. I have ordered some on sale items from Oriental Trading. I'll look for Valentine stuffed animals and hard candy on sale after the holiday. I will start using coupons to purchase toothbrushes and toothpaste. I am gleaning ideas from your blog and others. I'll check back often for more information.