Friday, February 7, 2014

Two Feet At A Time

Every Thursday after school I've been making the trip to Gabe's--a local discount store--looking for shoes on sale for our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  But every week they remained too pricey for me and I began to despair that they would ever reduce their prices as they had in previous years.

Yesterday He answered my prayers and I was thrilled to load my cart with 37 pairs of nice sturdy shoes for $1.00 a pair.

Getting 37 pairs of shoes doesn't seem like much when I look at our goal of 23,000 boxes to be packed on October 4th.

But they mean that 37 children with 74 feet will be blessed.

Thank You, Lord, for these and for the other 22,963 blessings that are on the way.

1 comment:

  1. Shoes are my absolute FAVORITE thing to put into my shoeboxes! I can just imagine the joy of a sweet shoeless child getting a pair of those sparkly kicks. :) So glad God provided these for 37 very special kiddos.