Sunday, February 23, 2014

Looking Backward and Forward

We've had a bit of a thaw here in Northwestern PA, so on Friday after school we loaded our van and headed for the storage container to stash some of the Operation Christmas Child shoe box items.

God granted us success!  Thanks for all the prayers...because we were able to open the lock on the first try and get the first van full of cartons put into that forlorn empty container.   Right now it's mostly inhabited by empty boxes and a few as-yet-uninventoried leftovers.  There are even six sad looking half-filled mylar balloons left from last year's packing party.

As a bonus the weather was nice enough today to take a second load with us to church.  Here's a picture of the ten bags with 1000 stuffed animals God has blessed us with so far.

Almost 200 of those stuffed animals were donated in the past few days.  A guest came to our Wednesday OCC Area Team meeting to bring us 140 Webkins that she bought for us with a grant from Thrivent Financial, and on Thursday a friend brought me a bag of 56 beanie babies.

Still, I was a little concerned about having only 1000 stuffed animals until I looked back at my records for 2013 and saw that I had just 1200 at this time last year.

It makes me gulp a little to think of needing 22,000 more stuffed animals in the next seven months but God did it in 2013 and He will do it again by His grace.

Looking backward makes me look forward.

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