Thursday, August 8, 2013

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit--Bob Goff


Love Takes Action--

Like you, I want this life of ours to count.  I want to be part of this because if we lead strong we're going to lead people to Jesus.

We get our signals crossed.  We want to lead strong but we get it wrong from time to time.

I started memorizing stuff about Jesus and went to Bible studies and memorized more stuff.  I realized I was stalking Jesus.  What I decided was that I just wanted to learn from Him.

I John 3:16--Jesus laid down His life for us and we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters....let us not love with words or speech but with actions and truth.

If you answer the questions "Who are You?" and "What do You want?" you will lead well.  Every time someone asks "How are you doing?" think to yourself--I'm trying to be perfect like my Father in heaven is perfect.  I'm trying to move from just believing in Jesus to doing stuff.

1) Love God
2) Love people
3) Do stuff

When I do stuff things happen but we've gotta figure out the right stuff to do.  Find out what you were made to do and do a lot of that.  What is it that Jesus made me to do?

Paul says, "Live a life worthy of the calling YOU'VE received."  What is your calling?

Polaroid picture--develops over time.  Let your calling develop over time.  Remember we see through a mirror dimly so it takes a while to get a clear picture.

(Told a story of his 19-year-old son learning to land a plane on a small lake while he let him do it and said nothing.)  Leadership--the idea is to tell those following us "Land the plane," and to let them do it.

Some of you are 'posing'--just live a life worthy of the calling YOU'VE received.  (Story of his wife when he met her)  Maria saw who I was becoming. See people for who they're becoming.  Jesus told Peter, "You're a rock."  When we see people for who they're becoming we'll blow them away.

Justice has been my calling and I've often been in Uganda where there are many incidents of child sacrifice.  People believe parts of the child may have some magical powers--used by witch doctors.  Kavi (a witch doctor) cut off a child's genitals and left him for dead but the child didn't die.  The 8-year-old child, Charlie, testified against Kavi, and we got a conviction.  I later met a surgeon who said he could fix the child's injuries and would do it for free.  I flew to Uganda to get Charlie.  First I became his legal guardian and then flew him to the US.   He ended up eventually being invited to the White House and then went to Disney World before the operation.

I later went to visit with Kavi in the prison.  Kavi said he felt bad and started talking about witchcraft and then said he needed forgiveness.  Kavi came to Christ.   Kavi reads Scripture and he actually wants to do it.  So we asked if Kavi could present the gospel to all the death row inmates and the warden said "yes."  Kavi screwed up the presentation and the only thing he got right was Jesus.  Then prisoners started coming to Christ and Kavi grabbed a water bottle and started baptizing them.

Think of what God has done.  Land the plane.  Be awesome.  Be perfect like your Father in heaven is perfect.

Nothing will ever, ever, ever (like a Taylor Swift song) separate us from the love of God.

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