Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thrill Seeking

Yesterday morning we drove 2.5 hours to Cedar Point, an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.  Visiting amusement parks is one of the few things my husband and I have always enjoyed doing together and I was excited for this trip.

Our first two rides were on the Magnum--a roller coaster--where the lines were very short.  In 1989 when it was built we stood in line for several hours to ride it.  It was thrilling then, but now not so much.

There is in us a desire to always seek a greater thrill.  I thought of how this applies to our spiritual lives as well.  I don't want to be satisfied with the spiritual thrills I experienced 25 years ago and 25 years from now I don't want to be satisfied with what I know of God today.   My Operation Christmas Child journey of the past 18 years has been used by God to grow me in so many ways, and I'm trusting Him to use whatever means He chooses to continue to draw me closer.

Higher up and deeper in--more of YOU, Lord.

Back to Cedar Point.  The picture above is of our favorite ride--a steel coaster named Millenium Force.  If not for the 1.5 hour wait we would have hopped back in line after our ride.

Here's where the spiritual thrill ride analogy starts to break down.

We intended to stay until the park closed at 10:00 pm and wring every drop of fun out of the day.  By 4:00, though, my husband was sick and tired and had to go to the car to rest while I rode three more rides.  (Truthfully, I was feeling a little sick myself but refused to give in.)

We then reunited to ride the newest ride at the park--The Gatekeeper.  The lines were shorter than earlier in the day but we still waited over an hour for our 2.5 minute ride of ups and downs and twisting and being turned upside down.  When we got off my husband said, "I think that's it for me."

By 7:30 pm I was behind the wheel of the car and we were headed home.  Some thrills are just harder to handle than they used to be.  I guess that's why they give you that senior discount.

Still, God--I'm ready for more thrills with You--higher up and deeper in.

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