Thursday, August 8, 2013

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit--Liz Wiseman

The Multiplier Effect--

How the best leaders make everyone smarter

Began with the small observation of seeing there was more intelligence in our organization than can be seen with the naked eye.  We have latent intelligence all around us.  As a multiplier you use your intelligence to amplify the capability of people around you.  People around you do their best work when you lead like a multiplier.

Larry Gelwix--High School rugby coach with 410 wins to 10 losses.  He attributed this to asking his players to be intelligenct both on and off the field.  He helped them find their genius.  Magnified strengths.

Wangari Maathai--planted trees beginning with 7 seedlings and a small group of women.  Seeing deforestation, she asked "why not plant trees?"  Began a massive movement by seeing a possibility.

KR Sridhar--manufacturer in energy industry.  Created pressure without stress.  With pressure you have control, with stress you don't.

Who has been a multiplier in your life?  A diminisher?

What did your diminisher do?
How much intelligence did he/she get out of you?  0-100%
(in one poll, the average was 43%)

What did your multiplier do?
How much intelligence did he/she get out of you?  0-100%
(in one poll, the average was 95%)

Diminishers--empire builders; tyrants; know-it-alls; create stress; (under stress we become stupid); don't ask other people to do what they cannot; decision makers on big things and only delegate small decisions; micro-managers

Multipliers--talent magnets who believe people are smart and will figure it out; identify people's genius and help them put it to work at its fullest; liberators--create space and expect their workers' best thinking; challengers--make the big ask;  debate makers; investors

Working for Diminishers--exhausting

Working for Multipliers--exhausting but exhilarating

The accidental diminisher--is well-trained but doesn't realize their diminishing effect;  do we do the most damage when we hold the most noble intentions?;  How can we do this?--

--Idea Guy (you come up with all the ideas) thinking they will spark other ideas but instead nothing gets done because there are so many ideas;
--Always On--dominant; begin to tune them out;
--Rescuer--'helping' instead of allowing people to learn
--Pacesetter--others will follow my lead; actually become disengaged and hold back because they can't keep up;  create spectators
--Rapid Responder--always moving fast
--Optimist--'can do' manager;  never allows room for error or hard projects; won't acknowledge how hard some things are

You can have a diminishing effect and be totally unaware

What are things we can do NOW to be more of a multiplier?--
(what if you spoke to your children only in the form of questions?)  She took this to try with her management team at work

To be a multiplier means that people are smart around you and leave you feeling that they are the smartest person.  What's one small thing you can do to 'shift your weight' toward multiplying?

At the top of the genius hierarchy is not the genius but the genius maker.

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