Sunday, August 4, 2013

Storage Wars

This is a picture of our storage container last year.  It looked neat and orderly.  This year it does not.

This morning I stood AGAIN in that little bit of dwindling space and prayed over the mishmash of bags and boxes.  I still need to order 24 cases of soap and a delivery of 44,000 pens are on their way already.  And only 10,230 stuffed animals are in that container now.  We still need more than 10,000 more BUT if God provides them, where will I put them? 

We're behind when it comes to planning this year.  The packing party is less than 8 weeks away and we haven't had a steering team meeting yet.  Am I (we) testing God by not doing what I (we) should be doing to prepare?

I'm doing a Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Esther with a group of women at church.  In the workbook today, I read the following question: "When was the last time you felt like an unseen enemy was trying to blast his way through your gate with the force and repetition of a battering ram?"

I think that happens pretty frequently.  I hear that Father of Lies over and over whispering or shouting in my head three things:  1) you're all alone in this;  2)  you're crazy to think God will provide again;  3) (the big one--the 'q word') QUIT.

That litany rang again over and over in my head as I prayed in that container this morning.  Yes, I KNOW  1)  Hebrews 13:5;  2) Phil. 4:19; 3) Phil. 2:13.

Those promises are stored in my head....

so why do I have these wars?

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