Wednesday, May 1, 2013


A week ago last Friday I got an e-mail from a wholesale supplier offering a list of items to be bulk purchased for just 10 cents each.  I've been praying for fillers for our Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party so I was excited about the possibility of getting thousands of good filler items in one order.

I prayed and I talked to my husband (no advice there, except "whatever you think") and I asked my facebook friends for prayer.

I had to make a quick decision as the sale was only good for one day so I took the chance and purchased 3500 crayon/pencil sharpeners and 2800 radios with batteries.  I asked the seller to be sure the radios worked and he said he'd check.

Today the order was delivered and God answered prayer for them to be delivered after I got out of school on a gorgeous day.  Pictured above are the two pallets waiting for me to unload and store them in the container.

I really like the crayon/pencil sharpeners--
they're a good size and will be a really useful filler.

Now, about those radios--
I've been looking for bigger fillers this year so I can make sure our boxes are nice and full.  These radios will take up some space but they also take up a lot of space in the storage container, too.  They come with AAA batteries that are not expired but several that I looked at had some corrosion on them.  And I couldn't get this one to work.

As I hauled all those boxes, I couldn't stop thinking that maybe I'd made a big mistake in this purchase.  But, by God's grace, I determined not to worry about it.  If it was a mistake, I'll learn from it and move on.

When I got home and tried new batteries in the radio it works perfectly with great sound.  Not bad for 10 cents (well, closer to 14 cents when you add in shipping).

But how am I going to check 2800 radios to be sure they all work?  Maybe I'll be looking for a good deal on AAA batteries.

On the other hand, God may have a purpose for these.  I do know He is omniscient and He is in control--

and about that I know I am not mistaken.

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