Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Decision Perspective

Ah, the above is such good advice from the writer of Hebrews.  I've been a bit discontent because I have decisions to make--about a bridal shower for daughter #2, about travel plans to visit daughter #3 in Chicago to celebrate the completion of her residency in ob/gyn, about travel plans to visit daughter #1 in NYC just for fun.

These are great events but they still require planning that I hate.

Today as I was contemplating the choices, I tried to get some perspective...

After all...the decisions I face are downright trivial compared to those faced by the majority of mothers around the world today.

Many face choices like whether to make cakes of clay for their children to eat to try to ease the hunger pains, even though they will give them no nutrition.  They need to decide whether to buy food for the short term or invest those few precious dollars in school supplies so their children can attend school.   They have to choose whether to send their children to work in dangerous sweatshops just for the hope of enough money to get another meal or two.

Yes, my choices are pitifully unimportant next to those.

Still I cling to the truth of I Peter 5:7 "Casting all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you."

God cares even about my trivial problems.

So I pray...for my silly choices and for the mothers who are making hard choices that I, by God's grace, have never known.

Help us all, God, to get Your perspective.

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