Friday, May 10, 2013

Bearing Burdens

I'm ready to leave for work but I just have to quickly blog about this picture I just received on Facebook.  This is our nephew, Ben Martin, carrying his sick brother's heavy pack for miles on the trail.

Jim's sister, Brenda, and three of her children--Ben, Brooke, and Brice, are on a 500 mile pilgrimage on the El Camino de Santiago--a trail from Paris into Spain.  Brian (their husband and father) went to be with the Lord last Christmas and they have set out on this journey as part of their healing process.

I love this picture because it summarizes God's call to us to bear one another's burdens.  I think of how many have done this for me in my Operation Christmas Child journey.

So many have come alongside me--with prayer, with encouragement, with contributions of time and finances.  This picture of Ben inspires me to remember that and to devote myself anew to becoming a burden bearer.

If you're reading this, will you take a minute to pray for Brenda and her family--especially Brice who is sick right now?

Thanks for bearing our burdens.

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