Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A family of skunks has taken up residence under our Operation Christmas Child storage container.   An expert has been called, traps have been set, and one greedy guy took the bait so far.

I've been afraid to open the container to store anything for the past two weeks or so--not to mention the fact that said container has about forty plastic bags of stuffed animals lining all remaining available floor space.

Above is a picture of my spare bedroom and I was blessed with hundreds more stuffed animals yesterday.  (My husband, however, wouldn't call them blessings.)  On Wednesday my order of 5,000 bars of soap and 7,200 tubes of toothpaste is also arriving at my home.

Here's the kicker.  I found out late last night that we're getting unexpected out-of-town company this weekend.  I'm so glad to see my brother-in-law and sister-in-law but I really want them to be able to see the floor in my house and have a bed to sleep on.

So I have a strange but important prayer request.  Will you pray with me that these wonderful creatures God made will either fall into the traps or relocate themselves permanently?

Also pray that I can figure out how to reorganize that storage container on Thursday and reclaim some of the area in my home.

And while you're at it, the smell around that container is a vivid reminder that our lives leave an aroma behind them.  Can we pray together that we won't be skunking anyone?

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