Sunday, July 22, 2012

Color My World

The past week has been full of color in my Operation Christmas Child world.  Last Sunday I learned through a great tip from Jessica at Clip With Purpose that Toys R Us had Crayola crayons on sale (4 packs of 24 crayons for $1.00).

I spent a good half hour trying to track down their sale ad because I couldn't find one in my Sunday paper.  Finally I called the store and learned the ad was only published online.  I really wanted to price match the crayons at Walmart where they had more inventory, but after carefully reading Walmart's online price matching policy I was still confused.  The policy states they wouldn't match "Internet pricing" but this deal was an in-store only deal.

So I went to Toys R Us on Sunday evening and bought 80 boxes of crayons.  Armed with a copy of the ad from the computer and the cash register tape from Toys R Us and lots of prayer, I headed to 2 different Walmart stores.  Praise God that both had no problem matching the price and I ended the day on Sunday with 1208 boxes.

The next afternoon when my volunteer stint at an inner-city day camp was done I headed to the other side of the city and nabbed 725 boxes at 2 more Walmarts (still no price matching problems).

On Tuesday, Pam, a dear woman who loves Operation Christmas Child, blessed me by checking another Walmart 15 miles away and coming home with 617 more boxes.  Also got a text from our church's administrative assistant whose neighbor works at Toys R Us and said she could get me a large quantity.  So I ran up to the store and got 340 more boxes.  What a blessing!  I was even able to take a few thousand boxes of crayons to our evening Operation Christmas Child area team meeting and send them home with team members to get ready to bag them when the bags I ordered online arrive.

Checked a few stores on Wednesday and Thursday but found not much stock on the shelves.  (hmm, wonder why that could be?--lol)

On Friday when I was done with camp, things heated up again.  Got another text that 240 more boxes were available at Toys R Us.  I had just over two hours before I had to be back at camp for the evening program so I headed up Peach St. to Walmart but got caught in slow-moving traffic.  I was able to get 300 boxes of crayons there but it seemed to take forever to get them all counted, checked out, and then put them into bags myself before loading them into the car.

Wendy, my connection at Toys R Us, was getting off work at 3:15 and after sweating through more slow traffic I rushed into TRU at 3:14 only to have Wendy tell me that another one of my team members had come in and picked up the crayons already.  Whew!  That meant I had time to cruise down to the West 26th Street Walmart where I snagged another 360 boxes before making it back to camp just in the nick of time.

After Saturday morning yard sale safaris I drove back to the Harborcreek Walmart and loaded my cart with 500 more boxes.  I was praising God as I hauled them to the car and shoved them all into bags.  Then Pam called and told me she bagged another 164 at West 26th St. Walmart.

Saturday evening was my last chance, so after we used our free coupons to get chicken sandwiches at Chick-fil-A I begged my husband to make one more stop at the Peach St. Walmart.  No more crayons there, though.

So my week ended with 4,754 boxes of Crayola crayons all together for 25 cents each--a true blessing.  I put 260 miles on my car this week but it was well worth it--especially since I was using gas I got for free with my gas points from the grocery store (but that's another story of God's blessings.)

Now I'm praying for a repeat sale in the coming weeks so I can bag another 2500 boxes.

Yep, my world this week was definitely colorful.

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