Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Car Shopping

Boys of any age love cars.  And they're a great item to include in our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  I still have a few thousand of the cars I got a great deal on two years ago but they're still not enough for all our boy boxes.

So I was really excited when I saw these new cars at a yard sale today priced at 3/$1.00.  When I explained Operation Christmas Child to the seller and his wife, he ended up selling me 73 of them for $20.00.  I left my card because he said he has hundreds more and will consider selling more to me.

I went back at the end of the day as they were cleaning up and he sold the rest of  the cars he had out--62 more for $15.00.  I left them an OCC special report magazine and a brochure.  His wife is interested in volunteering at the community-wide packing party on September 29th and he promised again to sell me more cars when he goes through the rest of his collection.

I explained to them how toy cars are one of the most coveted items by the boys who receive the shoeboxes and that many of them have never owned a toy of their own.

When I came home I was excited to store my treasures--135 new cars for only $35.00.  Can't even pay the annual registration fee on one car in Pennsylvania for that.

What a ride!

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  1. Wow! What a blessing! There are going to be some very excited little boys who will receive your shoeboxes :)