Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Greatest Journey Is Worth It

My Operation Christmas Child journey sometimes seems like a lot of work.  In the past few hours I've sorted stuffed animals, shopped online to buy 204 visors, sent out e-mail prayer requests and spent some time praying.

I also consumed an hour deleting old e-mails and realized just how many I'd sent and received over the past months just for OCC.  As I glanced through them I was reminded again of all those events, all those meetings, all those contacts.

But then, as I checked my Facebook account, I saw this new Operation Christmas Child video.  Wow!

Looking at the faces of these children reminds me that my little journey allows children around the world to participate in The Greatest Journey--a discipleship program that not only teaches them that Jesus loves them but also trains them in how to tell others about His love.

This Journey is definitely worth it--whatever it takes.

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