Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bevy of Blessings

I like to put a stuffed animal in each of our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Our goal for the packing party weekend on September 28th & 29th this year is 20,000 boxes so that means praying for a TON of stuffed animals.  We need an average of more than 800 every week between now and the end of September to reach the goal.

Last weekend I asked my Facebook friends to pray for 800 stuffed animals but I ended the week with just 286 of them.

Last night another 23 came in and today, in a late bevy of blessings, Cindy Kerchoff called and I was able to pick up another van full that she and her sister in Buffalo had collected.  They were on a bus trip to Ohio on Saturday and hiked an extra three blocks to an Amish thrift store to pick up another 31 to add to their collection.  That means their haul alone came from three separate states.

This brings the weekly total to 720!

We now have 3800 in bags and another 200 or more in the cleaning and sorting process.  Still need 16,000 over the next 20 weeks--800 on average every 7 days.

I was also blessed with a phone call from OCC team member Tracey Berger who said she was contacted by a young woman who wants to pursue stuffed animal drives at several schools as her senior project next fall.  What an answer to prayer this could be!

We're bagging up the blessings and asking you to pray for another 800 animals in the week to come.

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