Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Rest of the Story

Just a few hours ago I wrote a post about how bummed I was that I got 170 fewer stuffed animals than I thought I was getting for our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  You can read about it here.

The neat thing is that soon after I wrote that last post I got this message from my friend, Judy Faulhaber--

"So, I'm in Schwenksville (Philly) for my grandson's orchestra concert. Tomorrow is the 2/1 sale of stuffed animals at the store I told you about last year. However, Gary and I head back to Erie before they open tomorrow. Last time I was there, the animals were 2/$.25 anyway (the 2/1 price).
I took a chance and went with my daughter and grand-daughter today. We were there about an hour and a half after they opened. As I walked in I headed to the bin I usually start with, when I noticed 2 women loading up a bunch of animals.
I was kind of bummed, when my daughter said, "That one lady has an Operation Christmas Child shirt on." I went over and she turned around. Sure enough, she did. I asked her if she was getting things for that (obviously) and she asked if I was, too. I explained that I was viviting from Erie and always come there when I'm in town.
She said, "Oh, then you're getting these for Kathy!" I said, "Schriefer?" She said, "Yes!" She then said that she'd stop so I could have the rest! They had already loaded 10 bags of 100 and stopped at 50 in the last bag. By the time I finished, I had 290-much better than the ZERO it looked like I'd end up with!
Long story, yes. But I'm supposed to tell you that "Jane" said "Hi"

Amazing! I then sent a message to my Operation Christmas Child friend, Jane Landis, to ask if she was the one who graciously let Judy glean those animals for me and she responded

"Hi Kathy. Yes, it was me. When we started talking and Judy said she was from Erie I thought she has to know you. And having followed your Ark Quest on facebook I really felt you needed the animals. I am so glad they helped to make your day better. God will provide in His time. God blessed me over and over this week in so many unexpected ways...We serve an awesome God and I am learning I have to trust Him more. May you have a successful weekend in your quest for more animals. Love,

God's work is always more amazing than I can imagine. Hours before today's disappointment God was working hundreds of miles away, using two friends who'd never met before to bring good things for me. 

Thank you, Jane and Judy, for being obedient and thank you to our awesome God who always writes the best story. 

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