Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paper Revisited

I know...I can't seem to get off the subject of paper. A week ago I was hoping for a miracle--to get 300 reams of paper in our storage container by today. I haven't actually looked in the storage container but I don't think there are 300 reams in there yet.

But we can still do this. I think 8 cases were purchased this week (that's 80 reams) plus a few more reams on top of that.

Staples is having even better deals this week on paper. If you buy a ream for $5.99 you can then complete the rebate form online (very easy) and get a check for $5.49 back making it only 50 cents (plus the tax). There is a limit of 2 per household on this deal. Also, with a $5.00 purchase from Sun. - Weds. you can get a pack of 8 pencils for 1 cent (limit 2) and a pack of index cards for 1 cent (limit 2). So you can make 2 separate trips to get your $5.99 ream of paper and get the 1 cent deals with each one.

The deal I talked about on cases last week is still in effect this week BUT this week there is also a coupon in the ad for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase. So I'm planning to use that coupon to get the case of paper for $30.99 and then get the $26 in Staples Rewards (you do have to use a Staples Rewards card for this deal). Again, there's a limit of 2 cases with the rewards back on each.

So we only need about 110 people to each buy 2 reams of paper OR 22 people to each buy a case of paper OR 11 people to each buy two cases.

You get the idea...

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