Friday, July 29, 2011

All For $1.31

I had a fun little sale shopping trip to Office Max this morning to get some school supplies for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I'm convinced that God put us in this little pre-fab ranch style 'starter home' 37 years ago and kept us here so we'd be in the perfect location for bargain hunting for shoeboxes. I'm 2 miles or less from most of the major stores to get great bargains.

Thanks to a tip from Clip With Purpose, (a great blog you should really subscribe to in order to get the best deals for your shoeboxes) I printed some great online coupons for Office Max and you can print them, too by
clicking here.

Office Max Coupons

This morning I went to Office Max and using these coupons I got 6 packs of filler paper, 50 Office Max brand pens, 2 pencil sharpeners and 2 packs of pencil top erasers all for $1.31. I'm not sure if all stores have the penny erasers and sharpeners (limit of 2 per person). At our store in Erie they were on a display in the middle of the aisle by the display of filler paper (which was near the back of the store). These coupons are only good until tomorrow, July 30th, so you need to hurry.

There's something so exciting about getting things cheap--especially when you know how valuable they are to children in other countries who sometimes can't attend school for lack of simple supplies.

Hey, in most places you can't even get a cup of coffee for $1.31 anymore--just sayin'.

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