Saturday, July 16, 2011

15 People Is All It Will Take

I have a new challenge for this week. I just saw the Staples Ad for Erie that starts tomorrow, July 17,2011 and it has a great rebate deal on cases of copy paper. Click here to see the link for it. (this link takes you to the weekly ad and make sure you get the one for July 17th-23rd and then go to page 8-9)

I've been praying about how to get some inexpensive paper to put into our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for the community-wide packing party we're hosting at Grace Church in Erie on September 24th. We had McCarty Printing promise us 200 memo pads but that leaves 14,800 boxes without paper. The 70-sheet spiral notebooks we used to put into every box up until last year are now 20 cents each at WalMart and it would cost $3000 to put one of those in every box, even if we could get WalMart to order them, which is not a sure thing.

Then I saw this deal for copy paper in the Staples ad and I did some quick calculations. If I could get just 15 people to each take advantage of the deal and buy 2 cases of paper (20 reams) each, then we'd have 300 reams--enough to put at least 10 sheets of paper in each box we pack.

Each person who agrees to do this will have to get a Staples Reward Card (only takes a few minutes to sign up in the store) and be able and willing to invest $72.00 plus tax to buy the two cases. After filing for the rebate online (quick and easy to do) they will later have $52.00 returned in Staples Reward Points that they can use later to buy printer cartridges or anything else they need at Staples.

This means each person's final investment is $20.00 for 20 reams of paper they can donate for our Operation Christmas Child packing party.

This sounds easy enough to me until I realize I don't have 15 friends in Erie I can talk into doing this for me and children around the world. I go to this big church but don't know 15 people I'd be able to ask to do this.

It's time for me to pray and see if this can happen. Wouldn't it be just amazing if God had 300 reams of copy paper in our storage container by July 24th.

15 people and a miracle--that's all it will take.

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