Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paper Deals Get Better!

Yes, I admit it. I'm obsessed by collecting paper. But I'm not a hoarder (really). It's for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I'm determined to be able to put at least 10 sheets of paper in each of the 15,000 shoeboxes we're praying God will allow us to pack at our community-wide packing party on September 24th at Grace Church.

So I'm very excited that the paper deals at Staples are even better this week. Staples ads vary by region, so if you're outside the Erie, PA area you may have different deals this week. You can go to and put in your zip code to see your regional ad. But here's how things went for me today.

Before heading out to Staples, I made sure I had my Staples Rewards card. You can sign up for this online or in the store. If you're a teacher make sure you let them know because you can get 25 each of the special one-cent deals that are a limit of 2 for everyone else.

I also made sure I had 2 very special coupons. Here's a link to one that allows you to get 20% off on one single item at Staples this week.

Click here for coupon link

Then see if your store ad has a coupon that you can get for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase. You can also get this online

click here for $5.00 coupon

Also, before going check to see what special deals your store has for one-cent each this week (if any). Here in Erie, PA we have the items pictured above. Packs of 100 index cards, packs of 2 Sharpie highlighters, and packs of 8 pencils. You have to have a minimum $5.00 purchase and there is a limit of 2 each unless you're a teacher and then you get 25 each.

Now here's how it worked for me today. I bought 25 of each of those above items for one cent each and I also bought a case of Staples copy paper (10 reams) for $35.99 plus tax.

THEN I used both the 20% off coupon on the box of paper AND the $5.00 off $25 purchase. This brought my grand total to $26.02.

BUT I'll then get $26.00 back in Staples Rewards for a future purchase. So, essentially, I got 25 packs of index cards, 25 packs of highlighters, 200 pencils, and 10 reams of paper for all of .02. Think of all those kids who will have school supplies to allow them to go to school for the price of a little planning and two pennies. (I'm planning to do this again since there's a limit of 2 of this deal this week)

But what if you don't have the money to invest in a case of paper or don't want to mess around with the Staples Rewards? You can still help for FREE. With no card needed, you can buy a ream of Staples multipurpose copy paper for $5.99 and also get 2 packs of index cards, 2 packs of pencils, and 2 highlighters all for 6 cents. Now you can also use that above coupon for 20% off on the paper. You will spend about $5.15 with the tax included.

NOW, when you get home you take a quick minute to go online and file to get a rebate of $5.49 which will be sent as a check in the mail. They're going to pay you to get these school supplies for Operation Christmas Child. And you can do a limit of 2 rebates so you'll get paid even more if you do it twice.

How about putting in your two cents' worth?

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  1. Love the "two cents worth" part. As Mary Damron says, "Anyone can pack 2 shoeboxes", and this proves it. With a heart for the things of God, and a little effort, anyone - everyone should be packing boxes for kids...