Saturday, May 23, 2009

You're Always On My Mind

I'm in the great city of Chicago for one of the most exciting occasions of my life--my daughter Julie's graduation from medical school. The time went so quickly from that day in the birthing room (pictured above) when they were all so little and new.  I honestly never anticipated how successful each of my daughters would be in the career realm. I am only just starting to learn to trust God for big things myself over the last few years, so I can take no credit for the huge dreams they've followed, but it's amazing to sit back and watch their lives unfold.

My oldest daughter Amy, a poised and caring woman, does production in digital media for National Public Radio in Washington, DC and travels around the country for music festivals and conferences. Daughter Jen works long hours in construction with a Christian non-profit ministry called Hosanna Industries that repairs and builds homes for low-income clients in the greater Pittsburgh area. And now Julie, after surviving years of training with perseverance and commitment, is ready to launch into her residency in ob/gyn. I never imagined any of this.

They are always on my mind.

But in the midst of this excitingly surreal weekend, Operation Christmas Child is in my thoughts and prayers as well. I think of how I'm running out of storage space and I ponder how I can get more boxes and strategize about ways to get more churches involved in the project. My mind won't stop meandering back to that OCC pathway.

And this weekend whenever I think of that elusive goal of packing 10,000 shoe boxes this year I have new inspiration for that dream. I look at my three daughters and see young women who continue to dare to move beyond themselves and pursue hard-won goals. They lead me. They humble me. They challenge me.

They are always on my mind.

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