Friday, May 1, 2009

Precious China

On Monday, April 27th, a cargo plane carrying 65,000 Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts left North Carolina.  I've been following pictures posted by Randy Riddle, US Director for OCC, of those boxes arriving in China and being delivered.  Such wonderful gifts for precious children who've survived the devastation of an earthquake.  

Seeing their faces in the pictures reminds me again that all the day-to-day work is worth it.  Last night I steamed the labels from 200 shoe boxes then packed them all back up.   This morning I loaded the cartons into the car and after school I drove over to church and hauled them all down the steps into the storage room.  I need to remind myself often that this is all part of the circle that gets these boxes into the hands of children around the world.

Most of what I do is so mundane--tomorrow I'll drive around to yard sales looking for toys and I'll stop at more Dollar General stores to buy toothpaste and I'll stuff everything in my car until I can get it to storage.  It's not glamorous--this work of OCC--but it's rewarding like nothing I've ever done before.   Sometimes I feel like God created this amazing ministry just for me.  Could that be possible?  So precious.

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