Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day Thoughts

I'm thinking today of all the mothers in the world who cannot give their children the basic needs of life--clean water, food, medical care or decent shelter.  I have never had to watch my children lack for basic needs and I can't imagine how that feels.

I live in luxury and have a responsibility to steward all God has given me.  What does He want me to do in the face of all the need I see around me?  I spend so much time and money packing shoeboxes full of gifts to send to needy children to tell them about the love of God.  And I support a number of other ministries around the world as well.  Still, I have so much left over and in the face of such need I wonder, God, if You're calling me to do more.

I want to be obedient.

Today I got 184 more empty shoeboxes hauled over to church along with this weekend's catch of 81 stuffed animals and nearly 300 tubes of toothpaste.  I need to get more boxes packed and make some space there.

I truly believe there must be people in this city who would love to help me pack boxes.  Why do I do such a poor job of finding them?

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