Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shoebox Workhorses

We recently said goodbye to a faithful old friend--with some emphasis on the old.  Our 2006 Dodge Caravan was purchased specifically with shoebox hauling in mind.  My kids teased me for having a "soccer mom" car when our soccer days were decades in the past.  

But this workhorse uncomplainingly transported countless cartons of fillers and bags of stuffed animals.  More than once I abused it with an overweight load like that time I filled it with a literal ton of crayons that forced the back bumper nearly to the ground.

Faithful though she's been, the old girl was showing her age with various "check" lights on the instrument panel lighting up at odd intervals.  So we prayerfully made the decision to buy a new vehicle.

At first my husband lobbied for a smaller car but as we loaded up the van a few times recently he realized our shoebox habit still needed some decent cargo space.

So...after a lot of prayer last week we took possession of our next shoebox workhorse--an updated Dodge Caravan.

I prayed for God to lead us to a car that was built on the auto worker's "good day"--one that will be mechanically sound and last for years.  I trust this is it.  It still has that great new car smell that we've rarely experienced in our marriage.  Truthfully, I hate to put the first load of cardboard in it, but it's time.

After all, cardboard is its destiny.

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