Monday, March 28, 2016

Resurrection Roles

How is it that weeks (and months and years) just keep flowing by more and more quickly?  Our Operation Christmas Child area team met again tonight.  Our 2016 ministry plan is still not completed, but we spent some time tonight reflecting on the resurrection and our roles for OCC.

Reports from those of us who attended the recent Connect Conference helped inspire those who could not be there and watching a short You Tube video "Tears Of The Saints" made it clear to all of us that what we do is Kingdom work.

Then we enjoyed making Resurrection Rolls.  Each of us took a large marshmallow and visualized it representing the challenges and problems that stand between us and the completion of our team goals for 2016.  As we dipped those marshmallows in butter, then in cinnamon sugar, we talked about how it's easy to try to 'sugar coat' those problems but that never makes them disappear.  We wrapped each of those marshmallows in biscuit dough, carefully sealing them just as Jesus' body was sealed in the tomb.  After baking them we bit into that deliciousness to find those marshmallows were completely gone.  And we reminded ourselves that the power that raised Jesus from the grave (dunamis) lives in us by God's grace.  In His name, we are overcomers.

So...the ministry plan still isn't completed, but we all have a better idea of how His power will move in each of us to complete His plan.

And that plan will be on paper soon--it's just one more marshmallow to melt.

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