Thursday, March 31, 2016

Praise Van

From watching the posts of other Operation Christmas Child shoppers on Facebook I had intel that Walmart would reduce their Easter clearance to 75% off today.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night and didn't dose off until around 2 am, but my body's internal sale clock had me up and alert at 6 am and dressed and into my van by 6:10.

Of course it's raining this morning.'s not snowing...yet.

I had the sale aisle at the first Walmart all to myself and, thankfully, there were no other customers to wait behind me in the checkout line.

Three associates helped with the checkout process so it was fast and easy and netted me 82 nice plush animals at .74 each and 80 packs that each held 48 plastic eggs for .49 per pack.  Again this year I plan to fill the eggs with either cute plastic rings or erasers.

After loading my stash in the van I was on to I-90 headed east to Harborcreek where I found another 131 cute animals and 100 packs of eggs.  Again, there was no waiting and the cashiers were efficient and uber friendly.  We developed a great rhythm for holding up those tags and scanning them while another cashier held the bag.  

As I pushed my loaded cart out into the rain one of the large cardboard boxes holding the plastic eggs tipped off onto the puddled pavement.  I was able to corral it before the wind swept any bags away, though.  

It felt a little blurry by the time I got everything loaded, but there was still a little room to spare.  I'm praising God for this vehicle and for my husband who allowed me to buy another van.  

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