Friday, September 28, 2012

'Twas The Night Before The Packing Party

The Night Before The Packing Party

It’s the night before the packing party and all through the church
Our team scurries onward in desperate search
Of folks to fold boxes and set up the line,
To get items ready and make things look fine
So we will be ready for each volunteer
Who comes to pack boxes and spread lots of cheer.
Elizabeth’s working to organize all,
With lists that she’s checking for needs big and small.
While Kristin’s strategic in getting the youth
Excited in serving and spreading God’s truth.
There’s Terri who’s working to make things look good
And pushing herself more than anyone should.
While Heather shares years of experience here
And digs in to ‘bring it’ for still one more year.
And Kathy feels like she’s relaxing in bed
While visions of shoeboxes dance in her head.
Like a well-oiled machine, the team moves in synch,
And then comes the pause when we all stop to think
Of what God has done for us all through the year
That’s brought us to this point as we all stand here
And ponder His goodness and pray for His will
And wait now, expecting,  for miracles still.
Surrounded by prayer we are ready to move,
To pack all those boxes and once again prove
That He is enough to supply every need,
To fill every box and to grow every seed.
And now we’re prepared to just trust in His might,
We’ll see you tomorrow.  For now, it’s  goodnight.

ps--and if you're coming to join us tomorrow, won't you consider bringing a donation to help pay for shipping our boxes?

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