Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ready to Move

By God's grace I think we're ready for tomorrow night's Operation Christmas Child youth packing party.  We have 6600 boxes assembled and lining the halls of Grace Church.

The gym is lined with tables filled with the basic items for the boxes and the adjoining Commons area holds the clothing, stuffed animals and filler items.

I've received wonderful Facebook messages and e-mails, a great e-card, and an over-the-phone prayer time with my precious friend Lynnette.  And for the first time in packing party history, I've been sleeping well every night in this pre-packing-party week.

Over 800 more stuffed animals have come in over the past few days and I think we have just over 20,000 now.

My concern is that we won't have enough filler items to adequately fill the boxes.  Loaves and fishes, please, God--loaves and fishes.

Bring on the volunteers, cause we're ready to move.

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