Saturday, September 8, 2012

Packed and Paid

Today I went to yard sales in the rain and came home with only 48 animals for our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  Three weeks from right now the packing party will be over and, by God's grace, we'll have 20,000 boxes packed into a truck (trucks?)

My head is full of thoughts of details--Need to get the press releases out and need to make contact with my media team member about that; got a new team application today and I need to call that prospect;  need to see if we can get some volunteers to help my husband move the 8 pallets of boxes and cartons that are coming on September 17th (not to mention getting enough volunteers to assemble 20,000 boxes) and have to figure out the trucking.

BUT beyond those small details I'm praying about two major requests:

1) God, give us enough items to adequately fill these boxes so they will bless children in your name.

2) God, move people to donate for the shipping costs on these boxes.

At $7.00 each, the shipping donation for 20,000 boxes will total $140,000--now there's a God-sized goal.   I'm praying God will bring it in, whether I actually see it or not.

Besides rainy-day yard sales I went to Dollar General today and used my coupon for $5 off on a $25 purchase to buy 224 plastic bowls and cups for less than 10 cents each.

These are great fillers because they're useful and colorful items that also will fill space in the boxes if needed.

Now if I could just get 10,000 more of them.  Oh, and another 2400 stuffed animals.  And $140,000

That's all.


  1. I was at Target today and their dollar section was 70% off. I got stuffed animals for our remaining boxes that needed them. I was thrilled with the .30cents ea price! You might try your local Target and see how many you can get there.
    (Ours had blue whales, blue birds, green crocodiles,, and green frogs)

  2. Kathy, I'll be praying for these requests. You know He can and will do it!!! :)

  3. As I scramble to find items for my own packing party, I am reassured by your blog. All the times God provides, and the fact that I'm not the only one who feels these stresses.