Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit--ready to blog!

This is Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit Eve.  I'm setting up blogs tonight so I can blog my notes session by session tomorrow.  I've had some challenges in my Operation Christmas Child leadership journey today and that has me a little concerned as I face this summit.

In the best of times talking about leadership gives me anxiety.  It's a weakness of mine and instead of being encouraging, talking about leadership can be depressing.  I feel vulnerable tonight and I pray I sleep well so I can face the day rested tomorrow.

So why did I actually pay to go sit at this summit and listen to people talk about leadership?  Because I'm committed to getting better at it somehow.  My OCC regional director, Leigh Fisher, suggested I pray about my weaknesses in leadership and I'm committing to do that too.

So look for these blogs tomorrow, which I intend to post with notes on each session as it finishes.  If you don't see them, please pray for me, because I'm probably curled up in a ball with soggy Kleenex in my hand.

Okay, I'm kidding (sort of.)

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