Friday, August 24, 2012

An Angel From Colorado

I could get used to finding cartons of gifts for our Operation Christmas Child boxes on my doorstep when I arrive home.

Today it was two cartons from the sister of my online friend in Colorado.  She sent huge boxes that included 63 pencil cases, 25 fashion pencil & eraser sets, 22 packages of pencil top erasers, 47 colorful deluxe pencil sharpeners (these always seem like such a wonderful luxury item to me because I can't afford one for each box), and 576 pencils to top it all off.

Not only that--she also sent a generous gift of cash to help with the shipping costs.  This is something I pray for constantly because Samaritan's Purse asks for a donation of $7.00 per box for shipping and the $11,000 we were able to send last year isn't close to that.

I pray for God to provide for every need of Samaritan's Purse and today's gift was one more step in that provision.

Best of all was the note she sent (pictured above) in which she dedicates her gift in honor of her granddaughter "who will never be in need of a pencil if I can help it."

Another gift from miles away that God used to speak encouragement and love into my heart today.

Beth, I think YOU are an angel.

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