Thursday, June 28, 2012

Relay Races

My daughter Jen works with Hosanna Industries--a Christian non-profit that works to rehab and build homes for needy persons.  She's on the right in this picture and she and some volunteers put a roof on a home today.

And what did I do today?  Not any kind of practical ministry.  I spent a lot of time sitting in a chair with a map and my Operation Christmas Child shoebox drop-off logs from last year trying to prayerfully figure out where we can find some churches to be additional relay centers this year.

Our Mid-Atlantic region Operation Christmas Child area coordinators have been praying for "by faith"goals and by June 30th I've been trusting God for 2 new team members, 1 new relay center, and 5000 more stuffed animals.

Two more days and I'm still praying for 1 team member, 1 relay center, and 807 stuffed animals (this morning that was 924 but God provided 117 today from two of my team members).

I'm still praying but I'm also asking myself if I've done all I can toward these goals.  I've made contacts with several potential team members and I've contacted two churches about becoming relay centers but haven't heard back from either of them.

Today I stared at that map and cross-referenced with areas where shoeboxes have come from in the past.  Two of the small towns that look good geographically are in very rural areas and that have only 2 churches.  Do we need more relay centers in this area or am I just trying to add them for the sake of adding more?  I considered calling a church or two in these smaller towns but I was unsure about proceeding.  

On the other hand, our team prayerfully set this ministry plan months ago and agreed to ask God to give us 3 more relay centers.

God, please give me some wisdom here so this doesn't just become a relay race.

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