Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Heart of High Impact

We had our monthly Northwestern PA Operation Christmas Child Area Team meeting tonight and spent some time working through the "Discovering the Heart of High Impact" training session.

I have so much respect for Al Newell's High Impact Volunteer Training.  This biblical basis for recruiting, selecting, equipping, leading, and developing ministry partners makes so much sense.

It's all about valuing both the volunteers and the ministry.  When you translate the cause and realize that everything we do to get these precious Operation Christmas Child boxes into the hands of children makes an eternal impact, then you grasp the vision that there are no menial tasks in the Kingdom of God.

We don't grovel for volunteers and beg for help because we believe this ministry is a high calling and a privilege.

I loved talking with my team about how these principles should guide the way we invite people to join us in this Operation Christmas Child ministry.

On the other hand, it makes me see that I may need to refocus my efforts on team-building.  If I spent as much time praying and working to cast this vision and recruit team members as I do praying and working to obtain thousands of stuffed animals then maybe my team would be multiplying faster.

It's something to think about because in my heart I really want to have high impact.

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