Monday, April 9, 2012

Cups of Formula--A Holy Week Miracle

I know that Holy Week is always miraculous, but this year it's been more so for me as we've seen God provide for needy babies in Haiti.  Pictured above is my friend, Dr. Meg Chilcott, who is in Haiti right now volunteering her time as she so often has.  

Just over a week ago I first learned of the critical need in Haiti for baby formula and bottles so that mothers who are unable to breastfeed can feed their infants.  Meg is working at Bethesda Medical Clinic in Haiti and their funds to provide formula ran out.  I can't imagine the heartbreak of turning away a mother with a starving baby.  

Another friend from church, Cora Kelly, began collecting money to buy a supply of formula, so on Palm Sunday I took an envelope to church with my donation to give her.  

On Monday Meg posted pictures on Facebook of these babies in Haiti that broke my heart.  When I reposted those pictures on my page there was an immediate flurry of interest from people who wanted to know how they could help.  A lot of tears were shed over those pictures and I know God placed Meg there to be our eyes into the need in Haiti.  My impulsive thought was to try to raise $2000 by Good Friday.

Cora and I weren't sure of the best way to collect these funds but after much prayer we decided to set up a "Chip In" account so people could easily donate through PayPal.  This account went live on Tuesday afternoon.   When I set up the account I had to choose a goal.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I shrank back from my initial goal of $2000.  I knew that they needed $1000 in Haiti to make a trip to get formula at a better price in the Dominican Republic worthwhile, and I also knew that Cora had already collected $350.  So I set the goal at $650.

My vision was that we could all share the link and many people could make small donations and it would all add up.  When I went to bed Tuesday night, though, several large donations had been made and the fund was already at $460.  I was amazed.

When I woke up on Wednesday, the total stood at $1160 and I had to readjust the goal up to $2000.  Large donations kept coming and by Thursday we passed the $2000 mark and raised the goal to $3000.

Still the donations came and I finally closed the "Chip In" account this morning with a grand total of $2835.  I received some additional donations to bring the total to $2920 and with Cora's previous collections added in I think the amount is approximately $3270.   Others may have also donated directly through the OMS website.  

Dr. Meg and Prudence, one of the nurses in Haiti, plan to travel to the Dominican Republic and I hope to post pictures of the supply of formula you've provided.  Here's a picture of one of the mothers who was previously given a precious life-giving supply for her baby.

If you'd still like to donate or would like to give more in the future to this fund, you can do so through this link to One Mission Society.  Be sure to specify that your gift is for Bethesda Medical Clinic in Haiti (project # 300320) and that it is for baby formula and bottles.  You can always mail a check to One Mission Society, PO Box A, Greenwood, IN  46142 and specify your donation as listed above.

This effort was a miracle resulting from the prayers of God's people--here and in Haiti.   Instead of the many small donations I anticipated, this total came from about 30 passionate donors who love children and the prayers of who knows how many more.   God hears the cries of His people and He blesses us with the privilege of helping Him answer.

If even a cup of cold water given in His name can bring a reward, imagine the blessing from providing life-giving formula?  Be assured, my friends--you are blessed.

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