Monday, August 30, 2010

Stumbling Over Jesus

A local service organization was interested in packing gift-filled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and set a goal of packing 50 at their meeting at the end of the month. But then they realized that Jesus is literally at the center of the program. As Franklin Graham said at last year's media events, the project is Operation CHRISTmas Child.

The service club said they were fine with packing boxes for a Christian organization. They pray at their meetings. But when they heard the name Jesus--well, that was just going too far.

Jesus does that to people. In one of his songs, Michael Card calls Him, "the Rock that makes men stumble." Jesus stands there and forces a choice.; you have to do something about Him. People will listen to prayers to what they think of as a benign heavenly one-faith-fits-all Father. But Jesus? He's just too offensive.

Jesus, who came to earth to take on humanity and become sin for us, we lift you up as the rightful center of Operation Christmas Child--The Greatest Gift of all. These boxes filled to the brim with toys and school supplies and candy and clothing are empty without You. Jesus, be the center not only of this project, not only of each of these millions of boxes, but of my life.

I stumble today over fear and doubt and worry and insecurity because in too many moments I've lost my Center.

Jesus, I stumble back to You.

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