Thursday, September 9, 2010

T Minus 16 Days

In just 16 days we'll be nearing the end of our 10,000 box shoebox packing party for Operation Christmas Child. But right now I'm wallowing in details and I'm praying that God will show me which ones need to be addressed and which will work themselves out that day.

I think about things like tape discpensers and rolls of Scotch tape and signage and rubber bands. I think about moving hundreds of thousands of items out of our 40 foot storage container and into the church.

I think about all the items still stored and my old church and wonder if they should all be moved or whether we'll just have to cart them back across town unused. I try to add all the items I've purchased and those donated and get some idea of whether we'll run short on certain things.

I think about whether we'll have enough volunteers or too many. How will we accomplish our goal of using this event as a springboard to get more churches involved. Can we schedule a meeting that day to talk with prospective project leaders? When? How?

How can we efficiently stage the event so that we can get items onto the tables quickly as they run low? You'd think I would have figured this out after doing a packing party last year but we're doubling the numbers this year so we have twice the amount of items to manage.

I checked the shipping of cartons and the truck arrangements with the folks in Boone and everything seems set on their end.

So, God of all details, who created everything to minute specifications, will you take over these details that threaten to overwhelm me. Impress upon me those that need to be considered and removed from my mind the ones that You've already worked out.

And in 16 days I'll know that, once again, it was Only You who could have made it happen.

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    Is there anyway you can let us know who to contact if we're in the Erie area and want to volunteer to help pack boxes? I'd really like to help out if needed! Feel free to e-mail me at megs 92 at hotmail dot com. Thanks so much!