Friday, August 6, 2010

Global Leadership Summit -- The Land Between

I'm sitting at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit via satellite and God just used a session called The Land Between to touch my heart and remind me that I need to evict complaining from my life and ministry with Operation Christmas Child and replace it with trust.

Moses and the people of Israel were in the desert in the Land Between and they turned away from trusting to complaining in a way that bordered on rebellion against God. I, too, find myself complaining too often as I wait for God to do what I'm praying for.

God raised up 70 leaders to help Moses bear his leadership load and I know God will raise up partners for me as well. It's this waiting in the land between starting this area team for Operation Christmas Child in Northwestern PA and seeing it become complete and functioning that sometimes leaves me fearful and frustrated. Four points by Jeff Manion who wrote the book The Land Between.

1) The Land Between is fertile ground for complaints.
2) The Land Between is fertile ground for provision.
3) The Land Between is fertile ground for discipline.
4) The Land Between is fertile ground for transformational hope.

I want to cling to that hope even as I turn my complaints into trust and watch God's provision and see Him refine me with discipline.

I cling to God's promise that He WILL take me from "here" to "there".

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