Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stuffed Again

So last Sunday I went to Target when they opened at 8:00 and I was the only one there just shoving those 90% off stuffed animals into my cart--79 of them to be exact.  Then on Tuesday when I got over to church to pack more boxes I found that someone else had dropped off donations of stuffed toys.  In one weekend God provided several hundred great lovable stuffed animals--what an answer to prayer!

On Tuesday evening I packed another 61 boxes to bring the total to 1,745.  I packed boxes for 2-4 year old girls and left out the crayons in order to conserve them.  Boy, when crayons go on sale in June I'm going to be buying thousands of boxes.  I can't wait.

Last night we had our Operation Christmas Child area team meeting here at my house.  It was such a joy to meet with friends who share my passion for OCC.  We watched together the 'death crawl' scene from the movie "Facing The Giants" and talked about how we want to do our VERY BEST every day for God in this project of OCC.  I ponder a lot about what my 'very best' would look like.  How far would you help me go for You, God, if I were really and truly 'all in' for You?

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